#FitFebruary Day 2 (ironically on 2/2!)

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Today is so connected to the number 2. My second day of the challenge, second day of my Advanced Teacher Training, and second day of February which is the second month! If you're a numbers person, I'd love to know what it all means.

Today was extra special because I had my first intention ceremony with an amazing soul in Boulder. Victoria, who I've known for years, makes these beautifully delicate gem stone necklaces on silk thread that are semi permanent and glued around your neck with an intention. Every time I look at my #rainbowmoonstone necklace, I will be reminded of my intention. Such a dope idea!

My second two hour (there it is again) yoga class with #amyippoliti was just as magical as the first.

My boyfriend's parents send us a care package for every holiday (saints!) and I keep eyeing the #sourpatch hearts but feel strong every time I can walk past them. Discipline is such a simple but complex thing and I'm loving every second of this journey so far.

Recipe of the Day:

Slop (2 servings)

3 packages #quakerinstantgrits

1.5 cup water

1.5 can of #Rotel tomatoes and green chiles

1/4 cup taco cheese

1/4 cup chorizo

Put the instant grits in the boiling water, turn to simmer and cook until grits bubble. Add Rotel, taco cheese, and chorizo. Mix and serve.

*I used soy but pork chorizo adds a lot of flavor.

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