#FitFebruary Day 5

Back to work but holding onto the bliss I was reunited with over the weekend. I never want to be a "live for the weekend" type because that means more than 70% of your life is lived waiting for the 30%. How can we find gratitude in the small moments in between. Looking back at life, we learn so much from the careless words we hear in passing, the surprise from a stranger. Can we teach ourselves to breath deeper, smile more, and hug a lot?

I like to think it starts with something as small as a good salad, a workout, or even staying hydrated. These small victories turn into self esteem which push us forward to our dreams. That's the dopest dope I've ever smoked right there. I'm realizing pretty quick into this month that fit doesn't have to be strictly physical body focused but by being conscious about these aspects in my life, my mind is getting fit too.


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